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They brought back the OCS.

Oh heaven help me.

* * *

Very long RP drama filled day.

But it's over.

Blue skies!

Well not really because it's night out. But tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'm seeing the Girl with the Tattoo? Or dragon tattoo? Some indie film. Mike wanted me to go see it with him. Then True Blood night with Hannah. This is my last week as 25 years old!!!!!

* * *
Seriously. No updates. Clearly you can imagine how much my life is boring.

I do have a bunch of video game reviews to do today. Woo. Skate 3, Lost Planet 2, and Street Fighter 14. I'm going to get on those as soon as I get some groceries and remember to eat.

As for that RP problem I mentioned before, thanks for the nice reassurance from people. :) It turned out perfectly fine! I told the other player and she was completely understanding and relaxed about it. So all my worry was for naught!

* * *
I went to a staffing agency on Monday, we'll see if they have anything for me. I hate the idea of temping again, but what can you do. Blah. My parents insisted I stay in NYC for another year, but .. blahhhhh it doesn't matter. Anyway, same old same old. This week has been sunny and nice. Tomorrow I"m going to the Obliterati party, which is always fun. Friday Iron Man 2 with Henry and then Sunday Iron Man 2 in IMAX with my sister.

I have articles to write that I should be writing instead of posting here. I'll get to them in the minute. Now I'm going to do a little RP rant, but anyone not interested in RP should ignore it because it won't make any sense. And I know I'm being silly because I'm me. :)

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And that's all she wrote, ciao.
* * *


Same old same old.

Nothing new to report.


But I'm alive!


* * *
* * *

Been awhile.


The thing is I don't update because I don't have much to say. It's the same old same old. Still looking for a job. Still freelancing. Still enjoying movies and time with friends in NYC. Still RPing when I have the time and inclination. NOTHING NEW TO REPORT EVERYONE. I AM JUST THAT FREAKING BORING.


* * *
So yeah hi.

I only have like two minutes, but HI EVERYONE I AM STILL ALIVE.

I had another interview with TV Guide. I won't hear back for a few weeks. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but at least I have some good contacts there now for other jobs popping up. Unemployment is almost officially over, I believe I'm on the last extension now, so bad times will be had in a month or so. C'est la vie. I'll do what I have to when I have to, that's just life.

I'm going to Aruba on Monday! For a week with family. Should be nice.

So general life is good, except for the job part. Spending time with my besties when I can. Got to watch the Oscars with Andi and Ed and then saw Alice in Wonderland with them. I enjoyed it, but SyFy's Alice is becoming my new OBSESSION. So cool. Loved it. Most of my TV is back which is great. LOST Is the shiznat. I'm trying to keep social and go out when I can.

RP front is chill. No more drama since that last one a month or so back, which is nice, and it's generally quiet and I can do it whenever I get a chance. I've been much more distracted by games and writing and looking for jobs, so it's what it should be now: a creative side thing to my life. Dragon Age has been AWESOME (that's my current video game) and Mass Effect 2 was sick. BEYOND SICK. On the more fun part of RP side, I'm actually meeting two of my friends from there, Jen and Kait. They were in one of the groups but went to do their own thing, and I tried out one of their PSL's and we became pals. So they live just in MA and they're coming to see me when I get back from Aruba. AWESOME!

Okay off to have a drink with my sister. CIAO!
* * *
You know, going into RP you have to know that what you'll get along with some writing is some draaaaaaaama. Why do I remember drama being so much easier to deal with in the old days? Maybe because it was over and done with so fast, or maybe because there were so many people in the old OCS that it was hard to keep up with all the drama. Probably both. In any case, it's over now, but it made a few hours in the last week very unhappy. I cut down on a lot of my RP and groups I was in, mostly because I have to focus on job shit and because I know that if I'm not very careful I'll get addicted and/or too obsessed. It was starting to happen. This is a good way to help me back off more too, so I'm thankful for the drama if only for that.

More job hunting. More dead ends. More unhappiness on that level. Probably looking into part time jobs now because I'd rather work at like a Borders than temp around for awhile. We'll see.

LOST was awesome as always. SHIT I AM SUPPOSED TO WRITE A RECAP. ::RUNS::

* * *

I believe my unemployment might officially be up this week. It is possible that I could get another extension and I'll have to see about that, but it's coming to the wire now. Which means I have to give up and be an adult rather than my stupid optimistic self right now.

I know that everyone is having a hard time right now and that everyone I know is either struggling, out of work, or desperately trying to keep their work. And yet I'll be honest, it's hard not to feel like a failure after getting nothing despite all this time. And not being really sad right now that I'm back to where I started, jobless and with no real direction and probably getting multiple part time jobs and temping again. But you know, it's just what adults have to do. Suck it up and do what you can to get by, and I'm going to try to do that.

I'm just sad today.

* * *
So I've been sick for a few days. Not happy. I THINK I managed to fight it off now, however. I just drank water and slept for a few days and took lots of vitamins. And it backed off somewhat, but we'll see if that lasts. Sometimes I can get away with just resting until it kills itself, but sometimes it says fuck that shit and gets me anyway. Crossing my fingers I'll be okay tomorrow. I can talk again, albeit mildly; my throat was throbbing so badly I couldn't choke out more than a few words for the past few days. LAME. Then I had a fever/migraine. So I watched White Collar from the beginning and read books and tried to get rest. No big.

I'm no longer going to say nice things about RP because then bad things happen since I get happy. lol. It's cool. That's all. There's this community called Bragging Rights which is like a NICE version of RP Vents. I like it. I've been distracted obviously due to the sickness and focusing on my next video game spread for YRB. Right now I'm almost up to date on Dante's Inferno. I wrote Bayonetta and I'm writing Dark Void right now. I need to e-mail about f'n Mass Effect 2 again because I need it NEXT WEEK. I'm going to kill them. I finally got my first published issue with them and it looked good. I was smiling. It's nice to be in the VG industry again. I had to miss a Sega event on Wednesday and I was so sad about that, but I was sick.

So I'm reading through my Jodi Picoult instead of new books, which is silly, but I'll be honest: somehow I really love ALL her stuff. Even her first person stuff. I'm reading The Pact right now which is one of my personal favorites. She's not the best writer out there but she's like a more personally ambiguous Grisham. I eat it up, I'll admit it.

My friend Jen suggested I try these Alanna the Lioness books, fantasy, and I have all four of them so I'm going to try that out next. I still have to finish my re-read of Bonfire of the Vanities.

Okay I'm going to go back to reading. For some reason using the computer really hurts my head, I just think the screen + migraines do not equal goodness.

Rest of life is normal. No new job opportunities. My life sucks. Etc.
* * *
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